The former Washington DC Rabbi who pleaded guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism is scheduled to be sentenced on May 15. The prosecutors and the attorneys for Freundel have submitted to the court their sentencing memos, which are basically what they think the sentence should be and why. Prosecutors have asked for 17 years and Freundel’s attorneys for no jail time at all. Anecdotal evidence has shown the Judge to be biased in favor of Freundel. He did not grant the prosecutor’s request to have him wear an electronic tracking device while awaiting sentencing and addressed Freundel as “Rabbi” during the proceeding which is contrary to norms and guidelines which require defendants to be addressed by their legal names. I am asking all interested parties to call the presiding Judge Alprin’s chambers before the 15th to ask that he recuse himself or in lieu that the maximum sentence be imposed on him. Judge Alprin’s phone number is area code (202) 879-1577. If you’re outside the US you’ll have to look up the country code.

This case is pivotal to the Jewish community and patrilineals. This entire episode happened because of the Jewish community’s treatment of patrilineals. Freundel abused his power because he had the power to begin with. Beyond the 52 counts he pleaded guilty to, there were at least a hundred more that were outside the statue of limitations. He extorted money, sex and labor from “converts”, that is to say money or sex in exchange for a “conversion”, which isn’t illegal but is devastating to the victims. The prosecutors state in their sentencing memo that they found recordings he had made of himself having sex with women who did not know they were being taped as well tapes he made of a victim of domestic violence who he counseled to leave her husband and provided an apartment to use. He then placed hidden video cameras in the bathroom and bedroom of the apartment and taped her naked. These cases can’t be prosecuted because of the statue of limitations but demonstrate what he was capable of doing.

Why did these women go to him? Because they were desperate to have “conversions” that were recognized by Israel. All of the victims were women and while it stands to reason that the sexual abuse would be directed at women, the other types abuse that were financial and labor related were not directed at any male “converts”. Why is that? Because of the Jewish community’s failure to recognize patrilineal descent. Male patrilineals or “converts” don’t feel in desperate need to be recognized because even if something is questioned about it, if they have children with a full Jewish woman their children’s status won’t be questioned. Female patrilineals (and most of Freundel’s victims were either patrilineals or women wanting to marry a Jewish man) are compromised and put in a situation of desperation for fear that their line will be forever “tainted”. Nothing exemplifies the pathetic nature of this situation more than the fact that of the hundreds of victims in this case, only 3 or 4 have been willing to come forward and speak on the record using their names. Several have given interviews on the condition of anonymity stating that they fear their “conversion” will be overturned if they speak out against Freundel. I implore all interested parties to call Judge Alprin and contribute in whatever small way you can to bringing about justice.

Here is the prosecutor’s sentencing memo

Here is Freundel’s attorney’s sentencing memo

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