Canada is 10 times more liberal socially than the US but the Jewish community is 10 times less liberal. Their Rabbis all study in US seminaries (which they should not be allowed to do until the Canadian Jewish community changes it’s attitude to patrilineals and makes reparations). What’s a Canadian Jew to do? HEAD FOR THE BORDER!

Rather than give up your principals and conform to the Canadian Jewish community’s abusive treatment of patrilineals, you can come to a synagogue in the US or form your own. If you live in Vancouver, you’ve got it easy. Congregation Beth Israel in Bellingham, Washington is only a half-hour drive from Vancouver and they recognize patrilineal descent. So, you can send your kids to their Hebrew School. Their number is 360-733-8890. If it’s a long drive, find some other people and carpool! For Torontoans, it’s a little farther. The closest congregation to Toronto is Temple Beth El in Niagara Falls. Their number is 716-282-2717. It’s a 2 hour drive, but it’s worth it for your child’s well-being, and once again, you can find someone to carpool with.

Unfortunately, Montreal is too far away to take advantage of the US’s more compassionate and enlightened Jewish community. But do not despair! You can form your own minyan and start a new congregation. The internet allows access to materials you would need. We will try to put in contact anyone who is looking for others to start such groups or carpools. You should also try craigslist. If you live in any other border towns, go to the web site for the Union for Reform Judaism and look under the directories heading.