Jewish Justice was founded for the purpose of organizing and supporting the patrilineal Jewish community. It advocates for the end of the human and civil rights abuses of patrilineals by the Jewish community at large and Israel. It is against all forms of non-egalitarian Judaism, whether in ritual practice or descent. It is also very supportive of children adopted by Jews who are equally abused.

Besides blog posts, you can find a study of historical references to the issue on the “Jewish Texts” and “Myths” pages. Ways to cut off funding to the Orthodox community are found on the “Boycotts” page. Comments and discussions about blog posts should be made in the FORUMS of the site. To participate in the Forums you must register as a user on the LOGIN page. Parts of the site are available in Spanish, French and Russian. Volunteers to translate blog posts and the Jewish Texts page are encouraged to e-mail [email protected]

Finally, Jewish Justice was founded in 2006 as a static web site and converted to a blog with discussion forums in March 2015. Some glitches may occur in the roll out and users are encouraged to report any problems to the above e-mail address.

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