If you’d like to be added as a link you can submit a request to [email protected]. The link must be relevent and contain a reciprocal link to this site. A blog commenting on pluralistic Jewish issues by a South African Jew. A blog reporting on Orthodox Judaism, mostly on criminal investigations and unethical behavior of Orthodox Rabbis. The author describes himself as an originally Conservative Jew who spent time living in the Chabad community and then left after becoming disillusioned with them.

A Murder in Lemberg This is a fascinating non-fiction tale of the 1848 murder of a Reform Rabbi by an Orthodox Jew for religious and financial reasons in what was then Lemberg, Austria and later became Lvov after the independence of Poland. Gives some great insights into the early development of the Reform movement.

Love in Black and White This is a memoir by former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, himself a Bastard-Jew. The beginning contains a poignant description of his childhood when he was forced to attend Hebrew School by his father and then spurned by the community there and told by a Rabbi when he was twelve that he would have to convert and have his penis cut in order to have the bar-mitzvah that he had been studying for.

Werner Cohn This is a wonderful research paper done by Werner Cohn, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of British Columbia, about the experiences of partial Jews living in Germany during the Third Reich.