Rebbetzin Fatso, aka Sharon Freundel, gave a public lecture on March 22, 2015. This was her first public appearance since Fatso’s arrest in October of 2014. Several newspapers, such as the Washington Post and the Washington Jewish Week, reported on the lecture. The lecture addressed the issue of “suffering” and “post-trauma” without directly addressing her personal situation. She reportedly gave an inspiring talk about biblical references to suffering and trauma. The Washington Post article concludes “Ultimately, she said, there are things we’ll never be able to explain.”

I really see the meaning behind her speech. I can relate to it.

It’s like, you know, when two lawyers from the RCA show up at your door to talk to your husband, we can’t always explain that……

…or, like when your husband spends all his free time at a mikveh waiting outside while young women shower, we can’t always explain that…..

…or, like when your husband buys things but you don’t see the charge for them on your bank statements, we can’t always explain it…..

…or, like when we get home and find young women performing clerical work for our husband but don’t see them getting paid, we can’t always explain it…..

…or, like when we walk in on our husband and he quickly minimizes the computer screen and zips up his pants, we can’t always explain that…..

Wait, uuuhhh,……I think I kind of get that last one. But anyway, Hashem knows all things, God has the answers, blah, blah….you know, whatever.

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