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    These forums are designed to be a place for patrilineals to find support and feel good about themselves. Therefore, there will be some censorship. The site is for patrilineals and while I won’t bar others from posting completely, there won’t be a lot of toleration for those who wish to denigrate the movement. Certain topics will be barred, such as the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, LGBT rights, and other religions, i.e. Christianity/Islam. While these are very worthy topics of conversation, this forum is not the place to have them.

    Comments on blog posts should be made in the “BLOG POSTS” forum. Registered users can also initiate their own topics in the “USER TOPICS” forum but there must be some relation to the purpose of this site, at least tangentially. New users must be manually approved, so you may not be able to post right away. Approval as a registered user is initially made through e-mail verification, however, this will not allow you to post to the Forums. A second e-mail will follow within 48 hours, usually sooner, which will indicate you can post.

    The opinions expressed in the Forums are the personal opinions of the individual posters and do not reflect the opinions of the administrator. The administrator is not responsible for the factual veracity of any information contained within posts and does not verify it.

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